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"I am aware of the verbal quiz you brought to class. I do not expect the opportunity to take the quiz however, i want you to know that i am following up with the reading.

As a side note…I highly dislike the first 6 chapters of the book. It almost feel like it wasted my time and quite frankly i cannot remember any of it, not that you would simpathize with the mater, but figured i would express my opinion as a student. Maybe listening to the book would stick better.”

No TV for Tots Past Ten

channel flipping with mom: 

"what is this, children’s programming? children shouldn’t be up at this hour. this channel should be off. this is for ghetto children and children with no boundaries. mkay, there wasn’t nothing on for you after 9pm. if you’re 12 and under, no tv after 9." — we flipped past nickelodeon, or sprout or whatever shit for tots at ten

Haruki Murakami “Airplane” @geleknyima thx for the library trip, well worth it!

Haruki Murakami “Airplane” @geleknyima thx for the library trip, well worth it!

Haruki Murakami “Airplane”

Haruki Murakami “Airplane”

To Her Daughter: You Know the Answer Before the Question


When you were in the 3rd grade, one night you had some homework and you said, “I can’t do this, I just don’t understand.” When I asked you to explain I could tell you were…well, bullshitting. You just didn’t want to do it.

I said, “Okay, well, we’re going to do this together.”

It was after…

You’re Just Jealous


…because you don’t have a Rainbow Brite doll. 

…because you don’t have My Little Pony. 

…because you don’t have a Glo-Worm when you go to sleep. 

…because you don’t have pink barrettes in your hair. 

These are the things I’d declare to my mother when on time out. 

My Daughter Says


Having an adult child gives you the right to say the following:

to online scammers: “well, my daughter says not to give you my information.” 

to telemarketers: “well, my daughter says not to talk to you anymore.” 

to peddlers on the street: “well, my daughter says you’re a scam, bye.” 

to all of the above: “my daughter told me to get all the information of people like you.” 

apparently, this shuts down any and all potential scammers.